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Recycled Childhood

The number of US children in foster care is close to half a million. Children are removed from homes because they are neglected or abused by their biological parents and the scope of this phenomenon is, to say the least, horrifying. Every day, four to seven children die in the United States as a result of abuse. Reports of abuse of children are made every ten minutes.

The ones who are removed from homes and placed in foster care may call themselves lucky. Foster parents are engaged in the most difficult and unappreciated task. They take care of other people's children – children who were dumped in a foster home with enormous baggage of abuse, neglect, physical scars, and horrifying memories. At least now they are safe unless… a foster parent had ulterior motives, and a child who has already been to Hell suffers even more shocking abuse.

The Lost Boys from Longwood

When Toby was little, his mom blew her brains out with a nine-millimeter while he was sitting on her lap. Mike spent his childhood locked inside a chicken coop on a farm in Illinois. Pablo was smuggled into the country from Mexico and dumped on the streets. Demetrius was kicked out of his house after he revealed to his family that he was gay. These boys had one thing in common: they were all neglected, abused, sometimes tormented. They were housed at Longwood because they had nowhere else to go. They were experts at being institutionalized. Many planned to commit a crime immediately after being discharged from Longwood and spend the rest of their lives in the safe confines of an adult prison. They would say it beats being hungry and homeless.



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