J. C. Pater spent two decades working as a journalist and published over three thousand articles in the United States and Europe. For years, she was a columnist for a foreign-language newspaper, writing a daily column about current issues.

In the early 2000s, J. C. earned her second Master’s Degree and followed her passion working as an educator with adolescents with special needs. She spent years as a special education teacher in a secure residential facility for the wards of the state, mostly juvenile delinquents with a criminal record. That experience became an inspiration for her book, The Lost Boys from Longwood. During that time, J. C. also adopted a seventeen-year-old boy with severe emotional disorders who carried a baggage of more than twenty foster and residential placements.

J. C. is currently employed by the Illinois state government and works part-time at a private university supervising student-teaching practicum for aspiring special education teachers. She is a frequent speaker at the state conferences.

J. C. speaks several languages and travels extensively in the United States and Europe. She currently lives near Chicago with her sons and pets and is already working on her next book, Recycled Childhood: Life and Death in Foster Care.


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